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Yes I want to know more!

Transformed Life Class is beginning again in Jan 2017 -MORE INFORMATION HERE

20-days-buttonHere is the webinar from Dec 4, at 9 PM


Oh my goodness …. what we learn.   There must be something out there that doesn’t want this to happen.

I had a blast. I did the webinar just like it was live.

What we do know is my software crashed and the web site crashed.

The link to all the info is on FB and on the web site


Love you guys

See you in the morning!


20 Days of Meditation – $47 for all 20 days – here is the link!

Credit Card or Paypal works ! See you in class!


Transformed Life: Purpose will give you a define understanding and experience in discovering hidden truths inside you. The purpose of our lives is written on our hearts and the way we find by digging into our lives.  Hidden truths are locked behind the logic, pattern of emotions, addictions, beliefs, meanings we use to define events, and our own fears. This is a working class to guide you toward the changes you want to see in your life. No matter what those changes are: forgiveness, relationships, job, joy, judgementalness, or money.  When you choose to change, knowing the things necessary to change are easy, having someone give you tool that help you change: Powerful – More information here

Embracing Life

IMG 0015 1

The thief cometh not but to steal and to kill and to destroy. I am come that they might have life, and that they might have it more abundantly. John 10:10 I’m lying in bed one night having this Scripture roll around in my mind. It came to me earlier in the week and I was fascinated by what I …

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Creative Minds

The Map

The mind map was crazy! After being challenged to do a mind map, the words that I had written on …

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UNDERSTANDING “He just doesn’t understand.” That was in reference to Mike, a friend of mine who was sitting next to …

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Values and Alignment


Values When life doesn’t feel right, like we are not feeling satisfied with life, it is often because we are …

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The Reward of Accomplishment

Most Of The Important Things

The Reward of Accomplishment “Are you working on Monday” my wife ask me a few moments ago. It is the …

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Why mediocrity is so seductive

Beautiful Motivational Quotes Sayings Pics 2 A44111e3

Why mediocrity is so seductive. The sexy word seduction has a bad wrap. We apply it to the sex appeal …

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Trial and Error


Trial & Error Becoming aware of our purpose is not something we can all just say “this is it”. There …

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Procrastination – We all have it

King Procrastination

The new year always brings on the feeling that I didn’t do enough the year before. I often feel like …

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Life of Transformation

DSC 0560

Who makes things like this any more? Look at this house. 8 people lived in this house – 2 adults …

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The Power of Transparency

DSC 0646

I received this text message from a person I have been working with on learning the power of transparency. I …

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It is about perspective

DSC 0611

Perspective – Looking back. I love the failures, the set backs, the life issues that came my way. I love …

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