I learned to accept me as the person God created; perfect, pure, adored... beautiful... well you get it! I'm pretty amazing! I am so glad to have experienced this time with Dan and have enjoyed the knowledge he is sharing! IT IS LIFE CHANGING!!! !

Tammy K

I know I am just beginning this change in my life and am looking forward to the next session of classes. I highly recommend these classes to anyone who is ready to change and live a better life. The life you were designed by God to have is in reach!


"I was tired of responding to everything in my life with the same old anger and fear, and decided to do something about it. This class was suggested to me by Dan, so I thought I would give it a try. Through these 10 week classes, along with the weekly homework, I learned so much about my early development and how it affects everything in my adult life..


Here you go- The Transformed Life class is packed full of life-changing principles. Recognizing the powerful role that my inner self has shaped my current thinking is just the beginning of choosing to think differently about myself. Change is never easy, but this class can be what starts your journey of becoming the person you were created to be ..


After experiencing a divorce, I started seeing Dan in hopes that the miracle of my marriage being restored would take place. However, a greater miracle was discovered; the ability to understand the control my physical being has over me and applying the Transformed Life tools to overcome the learned behavior.

Tammy K

Because I embraced this experience, and opened myself up to new things, I am learning how to sift through the feelings that come up during everyday life and find the true reason for why I feel the way I do, and in turn am able to react differently..


I was ready - and when you are ready this class will change your life. I have had more peace like never before. I can't express how much this class has made a difference in now I interact with my children and my husband.


Well, Ya - it's learning how my emotions are my friends and that when I feel them I am more alive. This is a class that I wish every believer would take - I always knew that I loved to tell stories. I knew that was part of how I was. I know now that I tell them as a way to not feel - I have learned to listen more.



This class is for someone who  feels God has something for them to do, but can’t seem to find it.  This class will be 2  hours of active interaction with the material.  If you feel you are called to serve – then this material will help give  insight into your purpose and calling.


Would you love to feel more alive?  Feel like you were living with purpose?  Everyone has greatness inside them.  Scripture points out, ” find someone who is skilled at what he does, and he will serve before kings, he will not serve before obscure men. (Proverbs 22:29)”. This class will show you how to discover that very skill that is buried inside you.

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Is there something specific God has placed in your heart? If God has placed a dream in your heart this class will give you the tools to find out how to make that dream become a reality.

Paul had a dream of reaching the Gentiles, and yet he failed in the beginning. He preached right after his conversion in the temples and was almost killed. He then went to Mt. Sinai and learned what God specifically had called him to do.  Only after that time of soul searching and learning did Paul make a kingdom difference.

Joseph dreamed and it cost him his freedom. He learned how to let God lead him, how to succeed where he was planted, and how to accept God’s timing. Joseph had no idea he would lead the country, yet God needed to prepare him for that leadership.  Joseph never complained.  He focused on believing the dream, and living happy in the current circumstances.

Mother Teresa did something Big for God. She lived every day “seeing Jesus in His most wonderful distressing disguises” she was quoted as saying.  She learned how to live in the moment, and out of her heart.

I believe that God speaks to all of us as children about our future. If you had dreams or desires as a child, they may very well have been from God. Just dreaming about them does not work. Find out how you can change the direction of your thoughts and your life and become the most influential and productive Christian you can be.

Following the principles that work, I believe that everyone can accomplish what God has predestined them to accomplish.  It does not matter what you feel, it matters what God has said.  When we misinterpret or misunderstand what God has said, we become discouraged.  Often the influences of our culture, and how you were raised, drown out the voice of God inside you.

Learn how failure is your friend, and how God guides your life.

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The Transformed Life class will impact your entire system of thinking.  Critically thinking allows us to move away from non- productive beliefs to a system of beliefs that work! Just as it is written, “as a man thinketh in his heart, so is he (Proverbs 23:7)”. Learn how to think differently.


Class Begins in 20017

10 weeks on  Sunday

Location:  First Baptist Church 1621 Main, Parsons KS
Time :  6:30 – 8:30 PM
Phone – local church phone is 620-421-6100
Phone – Dan’s personal cell phone 417-825-9700
Phone – Office Cell phone 417-825-9700

$249 Single 0r $25 each week

$349 Couple 0r $35 each week

 Instant Access class videos and handouts

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More INFO 417 825 9700

Two ways to pay for the class

$249 per person / $349 per couple

$25 per person weekly / $35 per couple weekly



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