Introducing This Exclusive Webinar From Daniel C Clark

20 Days of Meditation

Learn how to meditation can change your mind and your life.
Daniel has been teaching about and writing about change for years. As a successful counselor and therapist in his own private practice, he has developed a system for change that works. This webinar will give you more insight than most about how to be MORE than you ever thought possible

This Webinar will introduce you the 20 days of Meditation in Dec 2016! As a counselor for the past 12 years, and after teaching and participating in many classes and weekend events, I personally have experienced more change in my life with some quiet guided meditation.

My life has become far more satisfying and less stressed by using some simple techniques that I didn't know worked so well. This webinar will introduce you to how to have similar results.

I typically move into a two or three week cycle and stop all my new habits within a few weeks. I no longer have these two -  three week cycles. 

Mediation has helped me be more forgiving, more relaxed, self aware, and my inner life is so much better! This is a powerful way to live, free and alive. You will learn how to use simple truths and skills to influence the way you see the world!

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Don't miss this chance to participate in how I teach all my future classes. You will have a pre and post test to see how much you have changed! Life is too short to be all stressed out. As we experiment with this technique you will be a part of how all future meditations classes will be taught!

Sunday The 4th
at 9 PM CST

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