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How can you Conquer 2017 ?


2017 promises to be a year of transition! Desire to feel Alive?   Have unfinished dreams and visions for your …

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Embracing Life

IMG 0015 1

The thief cometh not but to steal and to kill and to destroy. I am come that they might have …

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Creative Minds

The Map

The mind map was crazy! After being challenged to do a mind map, the words that I had written on …

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UNDERSTANDING “He just doesn’t understand.” That was in reference to Mike, a friend of mine who was sitting next to …

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Values and Alignment


Values When life doesn’t feel right, like we are not feeling satisfied with life, it is often because we are …

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The Reward of Accomplishment

Most Of The Important Things

The Reward of Accomplishment “Are you working on Monday” my wife ask me a few moments ago. It is the …

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Why mediocrity is so seductive

Beautiful Motivational Quotes Sayings Pics 2 A44111e3

Why mediocrity is so seductive. The sexy word seduction has a bad wrap. We apply it to the sex appeal …

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Trial and Error


Trial & Error Becoming aware of our purpose is not something we can all just say “this is it”. There …

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Procrastination – We all have it

King Procrastination

The new year always brings on the feeling that I didn’t do enough the year before. I often feel like …

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Life of Transformation

DSC 0560

Who makes things like this any more? Look at this house. 8 people lived in this house – 2 adults …

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