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Embracing Life

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The thief cometh not but to steal and to kill and to destroy. I am come that they might have …

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Creative Minds

The Map

The mind map was crazy! After being challenged to do a mind map, the words that I had written on …

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Why mediocrity is so seductive

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Why mediocrity is so seductive. The sexy word seduction has a bad wrap. We apply it to the sex appeal …

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Life of Transformation

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Who makes things like this any more? Look at this house. 8 people lived in this house – 2 adults …

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The Power of Transparency

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I received this text message from a person I have been working with on learning the power of transparency. I …

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It is about perspective

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Perspective – Looking back. I love the failures, the set backs, the life issues that came my way. I love …

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Brain Rewire?

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Brain rewire. Rodney and I were having an interesting conversation. We were discussing how to get the old negative self …

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