Meditation Dec 2016

20-days-buttonBe a part of a test pilot for Christian Mediation Class!

There will be 4 weeks of daily mediations in the month of December. The classes will consist of

30 minutes of educational and experiential experiences as well as guided mediations.

Do you struggle with being disorganized, poor memory, anger, loneliness, depression, or past hurt?

Mindfulness Training helps!

6:00 AM – 6:30 AM

Dec 5 – Dec 30 Monday – Friday!



$47 for all 20 sessions!

This class is a conference call – participate from your home on your phone

Experience noticeable differences in your daily habits by learning how your mind works and how to change it through focused meditation!buy-now-blue

Pre-test and post-test will be administered to
Document the evidence of change

Our focus will be on:

  • Being more Mindful

  • Becoming more Self Aware

  • Lowering Stress

  • Living in the moment

There are lots of health benefits linked to Mediation. Some reading and journaling are necessary to experience the best possible outcomes in this class.