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Life Transformation isn't easy. Whether it is about marriage, job, relationships, career, parenting, friendships, spirituality, or aging it all comes down to one basic thing. Learning the skills necessary to create the life we want.

Creating the LIFE you want is possible.

My life has been filled with mistakes, bad choices, and beliefs about life that didn't work. The heart I had was focused on being discovered, given a chance, and hoping that others would see how wonderful I was. This system of inner-thinking and emotions led to a life of unhappiness, anger, and poor choices.


didn't come naturally for me. Life taught me that no matter how hard I tried, unless I changed something inside of me, my choices and results were going to be the same. It was not a natural skill to have close friends.

My life was out of balance

My fear was not getting ahead or being seen. I didn't know how to keep friends or be close to anyone.


Developing this skill has had an impact on my behavior, my connections, and my life outcomes. Slowing down, being more present, and making life about others became my focus.

Humans tend to love the past over and over again. Breaking old habits and learning new skills to create the life YOU want takes time and effort. Our emotional connections to the past are the most influential on our current behavior.  Becoming aware of our inner thoughts, patterns of self-talk, and how others receive us takes time.

There is no formula for change. 

There is no right way, there is only your way. Having someone guide you through a personalized process of realizing and perfecting what works for you will improve your life. You will learn positive new ways of thinking and feeling, of acting and reacting to your life. Your Life will be Transformed!

Certified High Performance Coach

I have been working as a counselor / coach since 2005. I have written and taught classes on many topics. I am have a no-nonsense approach to life. My style is unique and very effective. I began transitioning into a coaching/education model for myprivate practice in 2009. Now I spend most of my time developing his material for online classes and coaching clients from all around the country. Set up free interview with me here an lets see if I can help! I recently completed the CHPC Training with Brendon Burchard! Here Brendon discussed the value of using a Certified High Performance Coach

3 Meditations

You are Loved is a guided meditation about God's love and how to feel it at the deepest part of your soul. Who You Are is designed to rewire negative self-talk.  Your Future Self moves the listener to a deeper connection with purpose. These are designed to be used in tandem. Rotating through these meditations using each for 3 - 4 days then moving to the next one will enhance the effectiveness of them. These are 10 minutes long. They are for beginner mediators or really busy individuals.


You Are Loved 2x a day - each morning and evening 5 days

Who You Are 2x a day - each morning and evening 5 days

Your Future Self 2x a day - each morning and evening 5 days


Save $10 Purchase all three for $20

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You Are Loved Meditation

This is a 10 min meditation that you will love. It is based on three ideas of how the mind functions. Time and Space, Convergent and Divergent brain waves, and thinking and feeling loved. I hope you love it too!