What did I just see?
A flash like the sea?
My beagle sitting next to me
Doesn’t like what is going to be

The storm is coming
Dark night is forming
It will rain till morning
Right now it is pouring

My beagle is under the blanket
I know she will make it
We sit all snug and so warm
Now what was I doing before this storm?

Life is not always a storm
They are not the norm
It’s part of the earth’s way
She says “it’s time to play”

When ligtening is near by
My mom said “look, angels who fly”
And when the ground is shaking
Everyone is waking

Let the rainstorm come right now
Cause tomorrow will be like “wow”
To all the beauty it has left behind
Telling us what mother earth really had in mind

The day after a storm is always so sweet
Don’t you want to be out in the street
Fresh and alive are the trees and the birds
As I notice things and mention them with my words

My beagle is still next to me
As I look to see
She is so silly in her own way
Tomorrow is a different day