Wrecked and Restored

Book Cover: Wrecked and Restored

Wrecked and Restored

Paperback – October 12, 2017

Wrecked & Restored is an account of a marriage that was nearly destroyed by a seemingly innocuous set of attitudes. They manifested themselves in a myriad of ways, but the effect was always the same. The marriage reached its final breaking point after two years of separation. In a place of total brokenness God stepped in, picked up the pieces, and put the marriage back together the way He had intended from the beginning. Wrecked & Restored is not just a chronicle of events in this train-wreck of a marriage; it is a catalog of the lessons that God walked a husband and wife through in the restoration process. Several times the book will address the role pornography had in the wrecking process, and how such a nasty sin could gain a foothold in a Christian marriage; but best of all this book addresses what it took to eradicate the stronghold of sin, live in freedom and experience restoration. May God richly bless you as you read this account.


Reviews:Daniel C Clark on Transformed Life wrote:

This book is written from a Christian perspective of how addictions, particularly sexual addictions, are devastating to the life of the believer. Nate does an excellent job of sharing hope through his own personal story. The Restored a guide to openness, personal insight, and the application of the Word for healing and transformation. A must read!