New Years Resolution

New Year Resolution? I know we all think about some kind of change this time of year. Don’t we all make a promise to ourselves that we are going to be different this year? I know that over the past few years I have made some major choices – decisions if you will – at the beginning of the year. Those changes have actually taken place in my life. Those personal changes have taken me to a new place in how I think and feel about myself.

Those changes were inner decisions to change the way I think about my world and my self.

After I made those decisions I set about finding out how, and then practicing the things I learned consistently.

Like any good athlete, you must practice the basics to be really good. To be in the top 10 percenters of change, or being someone different, I choose to practice the new basics I learned weekly.

That decision has changed my life.

What I didn’t know was what the basics were. I didn’t know that there were things that must change on the inside of me for me to be a different person.

Being a different person means this. That I was no longer the same MAN that I was. I was kinder, more forgiving, more focused, more joyful, more Christ like. I was less angry, less irritable, and much less judgmental.

How did I accomplish this? I was from practicing some things that I never knew existed. It was learning a new way to think, and a new way to look at my self.

I learned that my brain was a tool for me to use as an asset to my life. I began to think about the function of my brain as something that could be trained. I doubted what my brain told me as true, and began to focus on what was true regardless of the emotions I was having.

These principles I learned changed me.

You can change the way your brain functions. Paul said you could. Behold all things are new, old things have passed away. Be transformed by the renewing of your mind. Be renewed in the spirit of your mind.

I learned how to do this. It’s easier than you think.

That is what the Transformed Life is about. Teaching how to put into practice some principles and rules that will make this year the best year ever!

Daniel Clark