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Living Life to the Fullest

TRANSFORMED LIFE – Our mission is two fold: experiencing God fully, being fully alive in relationship with others.

Living alive and full is not what most of us do. We exist. We work. We take vacations. We volunteer. We raise families. We take mission trips. We give our time. We give our money.

And at the the end of the day, we wonder where it all went. When did we have time for fun, enjoyment, laughter, and true friendship.

Buying into the idea that life is hard is not Transformed Life’s Philosophy.  We believe that our lives are to be lived fully and with passion.  We believe we have a God Given Right to live abundantly.   Somewhere, some of us have  convinced ourselves it will all be worth it, and it will be in the end. Yet we are angry, bitter, feel unjustly treated, bias, fearful wishing.

Transformed Life use the sciences to demonstrate the power of trusting God in the Unknown.  Faith is not an intellectual activity.

Transformed Life is a movement of people  working together to change the nation through a network of like minded people, training events, personal development classes, coaching, webinars, and other resources. We believe we are personally responsible for the world we live in by making a difference in ourselves first, caring for others along the way, and sharing our lives.