Procrastination – We all have it

The new year always brings on the feeling that I didn’t do enough the year before. I often feel like it is because I am unorganized, and unfocused. Those are both true, but there is another force more powerful than these two.

It is called procrastination.

Procrastination isn’t just not finishing the task at hand, it is not finishing the idea you were giving at the very beginning.

A few  years ago my daughter and my wife were having a conversation about me.  During the conversation my daughter said “Dad is the king of procrastinators”.

That was a belly for me! I called my daughter at work and told her how much I love her! It was awesome that she was willing to call me something that was just so true! I am the king of procrastinators.

I by far not cured, as most of us will never be, but I am making great headway on problem.  I do follow the rules when it comes to not finishing projects. One thing I do is to do less. I just don’t start them. Another thing I do is to tell someone that I hold in high esteem what I am working on and a time frame.  I am more likely to finish the project because of that person commitment.

What I have found that works almost every time is to follow a simple system of rules.

1.  I WRITE down what I am working on.

2. I READ it every day.

3. I TALK about what I am working to everyone – I practice no hiding projects

4. I SAY what I want not what I do.  I don’t say ” I need to finish that project” instead I will say “I lost interest in it for some reason. I am unsure if it was really that important.”

5. I DO let go of projects that are old. If I haven’t finished them in say a year – well don’t you think it is time to move on.

6. I REFUSE to let my shame and guilt keep me from moving on.

In The Transformed Life we learn and practice some very valuable skills tailored to keep you on track with your life!

Daniel Clark