Trial and Error

Trial & Error

Becoming aware of our purpose is not something we can all just say “this is it”. There are so many factors that can distract us from hearing or sensing our definite purpose or calling. Sometimes it takes trial and error to see what is working and not working. This trial and error is like planting seeds and seeing them grow. I loved owning a business. It was a wonderful time for us. We purchased and owned a small retail bike shop in the 90’s. I gained by love of cycling during those years, and to this day still love seeing cyclists on the road. When I see a car that has bikes on it, I will go out of my way to seek what kind of bike’s they are. I loved that time of life. I still own several of the bikes I purchased in those 6 years. I also learned during those years that even though it was fun, it was not my life calling or purpose. I loved it, but it didn’t fit into my true long term life plan. I was forced to get out by circumstances beyond my control. I loved being on staff at a church. I was a staff pastor for a large church for 6 years. I loved being called pastor. My job was awesome. There were some difficulties, but for the most part I loved every part of being on team that was meeting the needs in the community, and in our local church. I was teaching and leading. There were many skills I have that were being used in those years. I loved it, but it didn’t get me. I was forced to get out by circumstances beyond my control. I loved working at a hospital. I loved it. Being in a professional setting was amazing to me. I was a social worker in a psych ward. Working with addictions, families, and those with mental illnesses was very satisfying. I had many rewards for the work that I was doing. I was using and learning new skills that I didn’t know I had. It was highly rewarding but it didn’t get me. I was forced to get out by circumstances that were beyond my control. Trial and error! Yes trial. And yes maybe error. Learning what you are ultimately called to do takes time and practice. It takes daily practicing the skills of focus and openness. The important part here for me in hindsight is this. I wasn’t yet able to hear what my heart was telling me. Let me reframe that. I was hearing, and was not listening to my inner voice the way I should have. I didn’t hear that deep inner voice until I had failed so many times, I had no place to go. Not everyone’s journey is like mine. Mine is unique to me. Your trial and error journey is just as unique to you. Learning that you must hear that inner voice is all part of the trial and error. Learning where that voice is takes time, and practice. I heard Him speak to me many times, yet I heard Him according to the current place I was in life, and the current understanding and wisdom I had. By trial and error, I have learned how to prefect that voice in side me. I still am on the trial and error path, because we all are. Yet it is easier to hear Him about specifics. That is part of what The Transformed Life material is about. Helping you learn how to hear that voice sooner, and more clearly without so many trial and errors.

Daniel Clark